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Guitar Lessons

High Quality Bespoke Guitar Lessons in Bristol


I deliver lessons in person from my home studio in St George, Bristol or online via Zoom

Lessons are charged at £35 per hour.

All lessons are tailored to the students requirements.

For more details of materials covered see below

Technique, Rhythm and Timing

There comes a time for every musician when they can hear ideas they can't articulate. I can help you develop speed and accuracy in single note passages and deep grooves for your rhythm parts.

Improvisation and repertoire

Learning tunes and how to play over them is a key element of Jazz. I aim to guide students through the standard repertoire and equip them with the tools necessary to play meaningful and expressive solos.

Theory and Harmony

Often theory is taught in a very dry and abstract manner, leaving students wondering what it has to do with what they are playing or why they should care. I teach theory and harmony in context as we work on tunes to keep it fresh, relevant and interesting.

Transcription and Ear Training

A good ear is paramount to a successful musician, only by interpretting what other musicians are doing as we play we can truly interact in a spontaneous and exciting way. I stress the importance of learning music by ear and guide students in transcribing the solos of their favourite musicians.

Reharmonisation and Chord Melody

I love playing solo guitar and believe that by arranging standards in this way we can internalise the music on a deeper level. I work with students to make their own chord melody arrangements, understand advanced chord substitutions and to effectively accompany singers and soloists.

Sight reading and notation

Learning to read notation for guitar is as challenging as it is rewarding. I teach effective strategies for reading notation for guitar and can provide students with top quality sight-reading materials. Lesson notes are provided in notation (alongside Tabs and chord/scale diagrams) to give as much practice as possible,


“After years of playing guitar, I'd reached a stagnant patch and felt constrained to the same old shapes and scales. I wanted to learn jazz guitar to break out of my usual patterns, but found it daunting. After a few failed attempts myself, I turned to Adam and have not regretted it. Adam is a really good teacher - enthusiastic, approachable and knows his stuff. After a few weeks of lessons, he has taught me loads and I feel I've progressed more than I have done in the last few years."

Nick Sargent

If you're in Bristol and looking for a guitar tutor I would highly recommend Adam. I've had the pleasure of playing with him, seeing him live, hearing his lovely arrangements and being taught many things by him. Not only is he a charming personality but he's an avid student of the bebop idiom and harmony in general and would definitely help you to understand harmony on a deep level and spice up your improvisational skills no end."

Fraser Kyle

Ive had several lessons with adam and they've all been great! i've been a bit stuck at a sort of mid-level ability and he's really helped me pushed past that and find new ways of playing and writing that I wouldn't have found on my own. Thoroughly recommend him!"

Martin Baxter

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